Posted by: SATYASRINIVAS | February 11, 2016

Selecting FO patch panel,Pigtail,Patch Chord Components

You need to have the following prior information;

Type of FO cable: Single Mode OS1/OS2;
Multi Mode: OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4;
Netowork is Simplex/Half Duplex/Full Duplex;
For Simplex network One core of FO cable will be enough;
for Duplex netowkr: Minimum 2 Core’s FO cable is required.
Single Mode Pigtail:
Pigtail will have connector at One end only.
Type of FO for pigtail shall be same as that of Network FO cable:
If main FO cable is Single OS2 then Your Pigtail shall also be OS1 Pigtail with connectors being typically SC/LC;
If your network is Simplex: SC/LC Connector will be Simplex;
If Your network is Duplex: SC/LC Connector will be Duplex;

FO Patch Chord Selection:

FO patch Chord will connector at both ends (in contrast with the pigtails which has only one end Connecotr)
Further to the above, You need to check your Media Convertor Port/ Ethernet Switch FO Port Type;

If the Network switch Port is SC Duplex type then FO patch one end Connector shall be SC Duplex Connector and other end will depend on the Pigtail connector selected.

If Pigtail Connector is LC Duplex then better to patch chord second end shall be LC duplex type;

Selection FO Patch panel:
You need to specify the no of Fiber Port and Adapter specifications;
Typical Adapter specifications will be:
SC-SC Duplex Single Mode OS2 Adapter;
SC-LC Duplex Single Mode OS2 Adapter;
No of adapter required shall also be mentioned in your enquiry to supplier;

1 SC-SC Duplex Adapter would occupy Two Port/Slots of patch Panel where as 1 LC-LC Duplex Adapter will occupy One Port/Slot of Patch panel.

With8 SC-SC Duplex Adapter will have 16 Slot FO patch panel and you will be able to connect 16 cores of FO cable;
where as 8 LC-LC Duplex adapter will have 8 Slots of FO patch Panel, but still you will be able to connect 16 Cores of FO cable.

This is because LC-LC Duplex adapter is half the size of SC-SC Duplex adapter.
So care must be taken while specifying the no of FO ports of patch panel.


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