Posted by: SATYASRINIVAS | August 19, 2013

My experience in walk-in at major engineering consultant for instrumentation

On 10.08.2013 I have attend for a walk-in at DELHI for reputed engineering consultancy for water & waste water engineering  division at Noida 62,DELHI . The walk-in was held at their office and they ensured the event is organized very well.  Upon your entry into their office, HR personnel shall take your resume and issue a token number. And there are two screen/Display boards arranged one of the two shall show whether your resume is short listed or rejected. and the other screen shall display names of the personnel selected for interview round and the room number that they have to enter for interview.

This company is very specific to their requirement, means most of the candidate will be straightaway asked to leave, if the resume doesn’t match to their specific requirement indicated in the walk-in advertisement, to give an example if  the advertisement is for instrument engineer for  water treatment/waste water treatment and if the candidate experience as instrumentation engineer is  power plant design (which includes  water treatment plant as one of the package”.

The reason why a power plant instrumentation engineer attended for walk-in is in the hope that since he had knows the process of water treatment very well and since he  in most case the instrumentation part will not change much and engineer attended is confident of handling the  project and in actual case given the chance the engineer most likely to handle the job successfully.

But  the company  wouldn’t  bother / think from engineers point of view,  they only choose a candidate who had the specific experience in water industry and rest will be filtered straight away.

Bottom line:   It is all right to try your luck in walk-in , if you are in the same city as it wouldn’t cost you much. However if your coming  from some other distant city( spending your valuable  money and  leaves),hoping that you will have some interview , it will be better to think twice , as it will be had to be heard  when you are asked to leave during very initial stage.


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