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MCA 2000


1 OCT 2000.

1. The maximum degree of any node in a simple graph with n vertices is
(A) n-1 (B) n (C) n/2 (D)n-2

2. The function f(x) = 1/x in (0,1) is
(A) continuous and bounded (B) bounded but not continuous
(C) continuous but not bounded (D) neither bounded nor continuous

3. The parity bit is added to a message for
(A) encryption (B) indexing (C) error detection (D) route control

4. The function f(x) = { x, x>=1 at x=1 is
{ x^2, xINF [ 1^k + 2^k +… +n^k] / n^(k+1) for positive rational k is
(A) 1 / (1+k^2) (B) 1 / (1+k) (C) k / (1+k^2) (D) k / (1+k)

28. Let A be a sorted array with n = 10 elements. Which of the following
denotes the average successful time for finding an arbitrary elements
x in A using a binary search? Assume that only one comparision is
required to determine whether the target is equal to, less than,
or greater than A[i].
(A) 1.6 (B) 2.9 (C) 5.5 (D) 10

29. The interval of convergence of summation (1 to infinite) of x^n /n is
(A) [1,-1] (B) [-1,1) (C) (-1,1] (D) (-1,1)

30. A decimal number has 30 digits. Approximatly, how many bits would
its binary representation have?
(A) 60 (B) 90 (C) 120 (D) 150

31. For a series, Summation An to converge, Lim ( n -> INF ) An = 0 is
(A) necessary and sufficient (B) necessary but not sufficient
(C) sufficient but not necessary (D) neither necessary nor sufficient

32. The average time required to perform a successful sequential search
for an element in an array A(1:n) is given by
(A) (n+1)/2 (B) n(n+1)/2 (C) log(2)n (D) n^2

33. Let a > 0, X1 > 0. The sequence is defined by
X(n+1) =(Xn + a/Xn)/2. Then Lim( n -> INF ) Xn =
(A) – sqrt(a) (B) sqrt(a) (C) a (D) -a

34. Let B be an invertible linear transformation in R^3. Then the rank of
the matrix of B is
(A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3

35. Classes are useful because they
(A) permit data to be hidden from other classes
(B) bring together all aspects of an entity in one place
(C) can closely model objects in the real world
(D) all of the above

36. If x, y, z are vectors in a vector space with x + y + z = 0, then
the subspace spanned by x, y and z is at most
(A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3

37. The language used in application programs to request data from the
DBMS is referred to as the
(A) DML (B) DDL (C) HDL (D) all of the above

38. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a relational
database model?
(A) tables (B) treelike structure (C) records (D) fields

39. Sand falls into a conical pile at the rate of 10 * 3.14 m^3 / min.
The radius of the base of the pile is always equal to one half of
its altitude. When the height of the pile is 5m the rate of increase
of height of the pile is
(A) 2/5 m/min (B) 4/5 m/min (C) 6/5 m/min (D) 8/5 m/min

40. The operating system of a computer serves as a software interface
between the user and
(A) peripheral (B) hardware (C) memory (D) screen

41. Identify from the following, the average which is greatly affected by
extreme values:
(A) median (B) geometric mean (C) arithmetic mean (D) mode

42. A distribution with the quartiles Q1 = 25.8, Q2 = 49.0 and Q3 = 64.2 is
(A) positively skewed (B) negatively skewed
(C) symmetric (D) none of the above

43. A distribution with M2 = 1.4, M3 = -0.2 and M4 = 8.5 is ( M = mue )
(A) leptokurtic (B) platykurtic (C) mesokurtic (D) none of the above

44. X and Y are events with P(X) = 1/3, P(Y) = 1/4 and P(X U Y) = 1/2.
P( X/(Y^C) ) equals
(A) 1/6 (B) 1/5 (C) 1/4 (D) 1/3

45. A committee of 6 is to be formed from 5 students and 3 teachers. If
the members of the committee are chosen at random, the probability that
there will be a majority of students on the committee is
(A) 5/14 (B) 7/14 (C) 9/14 (D) 11/14

46. There are two bags one of which contains 5 red and 6 green balls and
the other 8 red and 4 green balls. If a ball is drawn at random from
one of these bags, the probability that it is green is
(A) 29/66 (B) 29/33 (C) 3/11 (D) 1/6

47. During a war, 1 ship in 10 would be sunk on the average in making a
certain voyage. The probability that exactly 3 out of a convoy of 6
ships making that voyage would arrive safely is
(A) 0.01234 (B) 0.01364 (C) 0.01458 (D) 0.01642

48. A die is loaded in such a way that each odd number is twice likely to
occur as an even number. What is the probability that in a throw of
the die, a number greater than 3 appears?
(A) 4/9 (B) 3/5 (C) 1/2 (D) 3/10

49. The value of k for which the function f(x,y) = kxy for x = 1,2 and
y = 1,2 can serve as a joint probability density function is
(A) 4/9 (B) 4/10 (C) 2/3 (D) 1/9

50. A bin with 100 balls contains 25 red balls. If 20 balls are chosen at
random, what is the expected number of red balls?
(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 10 (D) 12

51. Tom flips one fair coin. Jerry flips two fair coins. What is the
probability that Jerry gets more heads than Tom?
(A) 1/2 (B) 1/3 (C) 3/4 (D) 1/4

52. A particle executing simple harmonic motion has an acceleration of
1.92 m/s^2 when its displacement is 0.12 m. Its time period is (# = 3.14)
(A) #/4 sec (B) #/2 (C) # sec (D) 2#sec

53. The number of positive integers not exceeding 100 which are relatively
prime to 100 is
(A) 10 (B) 20 (C) 30 (D) 40

54. A thin transparent sheet of thickness 2 * 10^(-6) m and refractive index
1.6 is introduced in the path of one of the interfering beams. The wave
length of light used is 6000 A(o). The central bright maximum will shift
through a distance equal to the width of
(A) 10 fringes (B) 5 fringes (C) 2 fringes (D) 20 fringes

55. The sum 2^n + 2^(n+1) + … + 2^(2n) is equal to
(A) 2^(n+1) – 2^n (B) 2^(2n+1) – 1
(C) 2^(2n+2) – 2 (D) 2^(2n+1) – 2^n

56. Two plates of the same area and same thickness form a composite insulating
plate, the temperature on one side of which is zero degree C and that on
the other side is 60 degree C. If ratio of thermal conductivities is 3:1
and the more conducting plate faces zero degree C, the temperature of the
interface is
(A) 45 d C (B) 40 d C (C) 20 d C (D) 15 d C

57. The coefficient of (x^3)y(z^2) in the expansion of (x+y+z)^6 is
(A) 20 (B) 36 (C) 60 (D) 72

58. The activity of a radio active sample goes down to about 3% in a time of
3 hours. The half life of the sample in minutes is about
(A) 36 (B) 18 (C) 72 (D) 144

59. How many different permutations can be formed with letters of the word
‘hello’ ?
(A) 24 (B) 60 (C) 72 (D) 120

60. The rest mass of an electron is Mo. If it is moving with a velocity
v = 0.6c where c is the velocity of light, its mass becomes
(A) (0.8)Mo (B) (0.6)Mo (C) Mo/(0.8) (D) Mo/(0.6)

61. Who founded the Asiatic Society of Calcutta ?
(A) Lord Wavel (B) William Jones
(C) Max Muller (D) Robert Clive

62. The amplification factor of a triode is 10 and its mutual conductance is
2 * 10^(-3) A/V. The plate resistance of the triode is
(A) 5 * 10^3 Ohm (B) 20 * 10^3 Ohm
(C) 2.5 * 10^3 Ohm (D) 25 * 10^3 Ohm

63. ‘Caesar and Cleopatra’ is a play written by
(A) Christopher Marlowe (B) William Shakespeare
(C) Bernard Shaw (D) John Galsworthy

64. The intrinsic conductivity of Ge at room temperature is 2.12/Ohm/m and
the mobilities of electrons and holes are 0.36m^2/V/s and 0.17m^2/V/s
respectively. The density of carriers is
(A) 2.5 * 10^19 m^(-3) (B) 3.75 * 10^19 m^(-3)
(C) 1.8 * 10^19 m^(-3) (D) 5.0 * 10^19 m^(-3)

65. The highest mountain peak in the Western Hemisphere is
(A) Mt. Kilimanjaro (B) Mt. McKinley
(C) Mt.Aconcagua (D) Mt.Blanc

66. When the cold junction of a thermocouple is kept at 0 degree C, the
neutral temperature is 90 degree C and the temperature of inversion
is 180 degr C. When the temperature of the cold junction is increased
to 30 deg C, the neutral temperature and the temperature of inversion
of the thermocouple will be respectively
(A) 90 deg C and 150 deg C (B) 90 deg C and 180 deg C
(C) 120 deg C and 210 deg C (D) 120 deg C and 180 deg C

67. What is the distance of Marathone track ?
(A) 22.195km (B) 26.2km (C) 38.3km (D) 42.2km

68. The inductance of a coil in which a current of 0.2 A yields and energy
storage of 0.2J is
(A) 1 H (B) 10 H (C) 4 H (D) 20 H

69. Which is the longest National Highway in India ?
(A) NH-2 (B) NH-5 (C) NH-7 (D) NH-17

70. A 1000 W heating unit is designed to operate on a 120 V line. The line
voltage drops to 110 V. The percentage of heat output drop by about
(A) 9% (B) 27% (C) 16% (D) 30%

71. Suez Canal was opened in which year ?
(A) 1956 (B) 1889 (C) 1869 (D) 1909

72. If a bulb is placed between two plane mirrors inclined at 60 deg C, the
number of images formed will be
(A) 2 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6

73. Which one of the following is known as ‘Sorrow of Bihar’ ?
(A) Damodar (B) Gandak (C) Kosi (D) Sone

74. Two bodies A and B having masses m and M respectively possess the same
kinetic energy, given the M > m. If Pa and Pb be their momenta, then
which of the following statements is true ?
(A) Pa = Pb (B) Pa > Pb
(C) Pa/Pb = sqrt(m/M) (D) m * Pa = M * Pb

75. The tape of tape recorder is coated with
(A) copper sulphate (B) ferro magnetic powder
(C) silica (D) zinc sulphide

76. A note produces 4 beats/sec with a tuning fork of frequency 512 Hz and
6 beats/sec with a fork of frequency 514 Hz. The frequency of the note is
(A) 516 Hz (B) 520 Hz (C) 524 Hz (D) 508 Hz

77. A bang occurs in an electric bulb when it breaks
(A) due to high pressure within
(B) due to the rushing of air to fill up the vaccum
(C) due to the combining of two gases
(D) none of the above

78. A sphere of brass released in a long liquid column attains a terminal
speed Vo. If the terminal speed attained by a sphere of marble of the same
radius and released in the same liquid is nVo, then the value of n will
be ( relative densities of brass, marble and the liquid are 8.5, 2.5
and 0.8 respectively )
(A) 5 /17 (B) 11/31 (C) 17/77 (D) 17/5

79. ‘Tripitakas’ are the sacred books of the
(A) Hindus (B) Parsis (C) Jains (D) Buddhists

80. Two capacitors ( 2 micro F and 4 micro F) are connected in parallel
across a 300 V potential difference. The total energy stored in the
system is
(A) 0.27 J (B) 2.7 J (C) 27 J (D) 270 J

81. Which of the following numbers belong to the series 9, 22, 35, 48 … ?
(A) 189 (B) 511 (C) 3259 (D) 433

82. The solubility of a gas in a liquid is proportional to the partial
pressure of the gas. This law is known as
(A) Avagadro’s law (B) Dalton’s law
(C) Henry’s law (D) vant Hoff’s law

83. If AIRCRAFT is coded as YZXPXYSU and CAKE as PYNV, how is CRICKET to be
coded in that code ?

84. An increase in entropy of the universe occurs when the free energy
(A) increases (B) decreases
(C) increases initially and then decreases (D) does not change

85. Pointing to a man, a woman said, “His mother is the only daughter-in-law
of my mother-in-law”. How was the man related to the woman ?
(A) father (B) sister’s husband (C) son (D) brother

86. If the signs + and / and numbers 8 and 4 are interchanged, which one of
the four equations will be correct ?
(A) 8 + 4 / 3 = 4 (B) 4 / 8 + 4 = 8.5
(C) 8 / 4 + 4 = 6 (D) 4 + 8 / 1 = 4

87. Ni ion in solution can be tested with the help of
(A) methylene blue (B) rhodamine – B
(C) dimethylamide (D) dimethyl glyoxime

88. Ramesh was born on May 17, 1984. Suresh was born 6 days earlier. If the
Republic day of India that year was on a Wednesday, on what day was Suresh
born ?
(A) Thursday (B) Tuesday (C) Sunday (D) Saturday

89. The knocking property of a sample of petrol can be reduced by the
addition of
(A) diethyl lead (B) tetra ethyl lead
(C) ethyl bromide (D) ethylene dibromide

90. Vivek is taller than Rahul who is shorter than Rajeev. Varun is taller
than Anand but shorter than Rahul. Rajeev is taller than than Vivek.
Who is the shortest of all ?
(A) Anand (B) Rajeev (C) Rahul (D) Varun

91. The degree of freedom, F of the dehydration of hydrated copper sulphate is
(A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 2 (D) 3

92. A lady is now 5 times as old as her son and 10 years younger than her
husband. If her son will be 15, eight years hence, the present age of
her husband is
(A) 45 (B) 35 (C) 55 (D) 50

93. When the partial molar enthalpy of solution of a substance is positive,
the solubility of the substance
(A) increases with increasing temperature
(B) increases with decreasing temperature
(C) decreases with increasing temperature
(D) remains the same.

94. ‘P x Q’ means ‘P is the wife of Q’, ‘P * Q’ means ‘P is the brother of Q’,
‘P + Q’ means ‘P is the father of Q’, and ‘P / Q’ means ‘P is the sister
of Q’. Which of the following codes means, “R is the maternal uncle of P” ?
(A) N x R + P / Q (B) R * Q + P / S
(C) R + A x N / P (D) R * N x Q + P

95. A crystalline form X of a mineral of ( SiO)2 on heating below 870 deg C
temperature gives another crystalline form Y, which is a three dimensional
network of ( SiO)4 tetrahedra. The form Y is
(A) quartz (B) tridynamite (C) wurtzite (D) cristobalite

96. One of the days of the week is coded as VDCMDRCZX. In the same system,
how will the month “AUGUST” be coded ?

97. The main ingredient of Benedicts solution is
(A) sodium citrate (B) sodium tartrate
(C) copper sulphate (D) chromium sulphate

98. The stability of a conjugated cyclic organic molecule is attributed to
(A) delocalisation of pi electrons (B) localisation of pi electrons
(C) high resonance energy (D) presence of multiple bonds

99. To avoid paying toll tax on a direct, straight line road AB, a man starts
from A and drives 10 km south, then 8 km west, then 10 km south, then
48 km east and then 50 km north and reaches B. What is the length of
the direct road AB ?
(A) 126 km (B) 50 km (C) 40 km (D) 28 km

100. The antibiotic drug penicillin contains the following elements in its
cylic structure
(A) Mg and N (B) Mg and S (C) S and N (D) S and Fe

******* ANSWERS *******

1. A 21. B 41. C 61. B 81. C
2. C 22. A 42. B 62. A 82. C
3. C 23. D 43. A 63. C 83. A
4. B 24. C 44. D 64. A 84. B
5. A 25. A 45. C 65. C 85. C
6. C 26. B 46. A 66. A 86. B
7. D 27. B 47. C 67. D 87. D
8. C 28. B 48. A 68. B 88. A
9. C 29. B 49. D 69. C 89. B
10. A 30. B 50. B 70. C 90. A
11. D 31. B 51. A 71. C 91. B
12. B 32. A 52. B 72. C 92. A
13. D 33. B 53. D 73. C 93. A
14. C 34. D 54. C 74. C 94. D
15. C 35. D 55. D 75. B 95. A
16. C 36. C 56. D 76. D 96. A
17. B 37. A 57. C 77. B 97. C
18. A 38. B 58. A 78. C 98. A
19. A 39. D 59. B 79. D 99. B
20. D 40. B 60. C 80. A 100. C


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