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CAT Full Paper I
Directions for questions 1 to 4 :

Each questions has a set of four statements.
Each consists of 3 segments. Choose the best alternative
where the third segment in the statement can be
logically deduced from the preceding two segments.
A. Internet is for nerds. Shyam is a nerd. Internet is for Shyam.
B. Intelligence is for wise men. Some people are wise. Intelligence is for people
C. Capital punishment is for killers. Ravan is a killer. Capital punishment is for Ravan.
D. Liquor is for drinking. Juice is for drinking. Some liquor is juice.

A only D only A&C A&B

A. No R is P ; All Y is R; No Y is P.
B. No R is P ;All Y is R; All Y is P
C. Some R is not P; Some Y is R ; Some Y is not P.
D. Some R is not P; All Y is R ; All Y is not P
C only A&B A only D only

A. Some oranges are sour. This fruit is an orange. This fruit is sour.
B. Sheela is a nurse. All nurses are healthy women. Radha is a healthy woman.
C. Army officers are tall. Airforce officers are tall. Military officers are tall.
D. No animal likes fire. Elephants are animals. Elephants do not like fire.
B only D only C only A& D
A. Some babies are boys; Some boys are fathers; Some babies are fathers.
B. Some films are books; Some books are good; Some films are good.
C. Some fruits are sweet; Some mangoes are sweet; Some fruits are mangoes.
D.Some mothers have babies; Some babies are boys; Some mothers have boys.
B only A&C D only None.
Directions for questions 5 to 9:
In each of the following questions a phrase is underlined.
There are four different ways of phrasing the underlined part.
Choose the best alternative.
5. I think Rahul had something vital to say, however he was unable to explain his viewpoint to a skeptical audience.
he did not change the minds of a conversant public.
the people were willing to accept his views.
he failed to convince a suspicious congregation
he could not convince the doubting audience.
6. In the twentieth century mental elite assumed that economic and cultural modernization was leading to the decay of religion as a determinant in human existence.
total decay of religion as a determinant
withering away of religion as a significant element
humanization of religion
debasement of religion
7. British Aerospace had been focusing on building European links.
stressing on building European links.
focusing on forging European links.
pursuing ways of building European connectivity.
concentrating on creating European links.
8.Impromptu recognition from supervisors and managers to employees is the most effective and inexpensive method available for sustaining personal interest and individual effort for continued quality progress.
Immediate appreciation from supervisors and managers in
Unobstructed showing of praises from supervisors and managers
Impromptu recognition from supervisors and managers
Free recognition from immediate superiors.
9. Bureaucrats may also be well advised to deal with Service Headquarters as representatives of the government and not behave as their bosses.
may also be well advised.
should know their limits when they have
may have to remember.
may need to learn how.
Directions for questions 10 to 19:

Each of the questions has part/parts left blank.
There are 4 different ways of completing the sentence.
Choose the best alternative.
10. To pursue their decision to resist what they saw as anti- labor acts, the employees’ union launched an agitation to ___________
affirm their responsibility to the country
prove their strength
bring down the central government
exhibit their virility
11. The best general characterization of the European philosophical tradition as it has developed upto now, with all its variety, is that it consists of a ________ Plato.
series of footnotes to
set of prologues to
series of chapters on
string of commentaries on
12. The ideas that these companies used seem so clear with _________ that their rivals will now _______ themselves for not thinking of them first.
technology, hit
new ideas, disparage
the passage of time, curse
hindsight, kick
13. In our country, the challenges are to raise _______ incomes to reduce poverty, and to _____ ailing enterprises.
farm, liberalize
middle-class, privatize
workers’, suppress
rural, restructure
14. Overall, the recent policy changes by the government only amount to a _________ in the sugar industry.
superficial attempt at liberalization
lack of solution
large change
small regulating authority
15. The world is moving into a period of ‘ civilisational clash’ in which the primary identification of people will not be ________ as during the Cold War, but_______
religious, technological
cultural, ethnic
political, economic
ideological, cultural
16. The internet represents that awkward _______ in all communication systems; while it _______ to bring us together, it keeps us apart.
paradox, tries
irony, intends
17. These stories are just a few of the _______, sometimes extraordinary ones in this volume, in which people face unbelievable odds_and __________!
creative, die
inspiring, lose
18. The dream of flying had _________ inventors since the ancient Greeks and Chinese, though most of those who attempted to create wings for themselves were considered ________
troubled, insomniacs
attracted, oddballs
repulsed, demi-gods
19. Unable to contain their _______ and amazement at the end of the performance, the audience burst into _______, and showed no signs of stopping.
excitement, cheers
frustration, song
envy, flames
delight, tears.
Directions for questions 20 to 30 :

In each of the following sentences, four words or
phrases are underlined. You should choose the one word or phrase
which would be not appropriate in standard written English.
Mark No error if you think that the sentence has no error.
20. Thirty liters of fuel do not seem to be sufficient for the distance to be covered.
Thirty liters do seem for No Error
21. The hardest part of the job is the bending once a minute and then lifting the weight.
hardest job is the bending lifting the No Error

22. The minute they came to know that their chief was issued a charge sheet, the entire group of workers went on a boycott.
minute came to know issued a charge
went on a boycott No Error

23. Since I had forgotten all my mathematical concepts I had to start from the scratch.
I had all my I had the scratch No Error

24. Modi has recently been selected the representative to the SriLanka.

been selected the the SriLanka No Error
25. Having laid the magazine on the desk, she went out the door.

laid on went out the No Error
26. She nearly blushed until she was pink.

nearly until was pink No Error
27. Our writing, like our speech, is the sign of our ability to communicate.

like speech is sign No Error
28. When you have completed the last topic of the book, please return it to the bookroom.

have completed the it No Error
29. His report, including thorough notes on the background investigation, were well received.

including thorough notes the background
were No Error
30. This is one of the four primary libraries that are supported by our organization.
This is one of the libraries that are No Error

Directions for questions 31 to39 :

In each of the following sentences, four words or phrases are underlined.
You should choose the one word or phrase which would be not appropriate in
standard written English.
Mark(5) if you think that the sentence has no error.
31. The real indicator of success for many people are earning more and more wealth.

real are more more No Error
32. He is invested by full rights to act on behalf of the firm.

invested by full rights on behalf No Error
33. The leader is liable for losses.

is liable for losses No Error
34. The committee felt that there was no necessity of a new firm to handle project financing

no necessity of to handle project financing No Error
35.The painter was completely unconscious about the fact that not one of his creations
had been sold for over two years.

was completely about the fact had been sold No Error
36. The superior wanted to know whether there was a precedent to that action.

wanted whether precedent to No Errors
37.Which tables is booked for the ministers’ staff?

which tables is ministers’ No Error
38. All my equipment, including the ruler, tripod, and the camera, were lost on the tour.

equipment including and the camera were No Error
39. The committee have ordered their coffee and are going to have it in the board room.

have their are have it No Error
Directions for questions 40 to 44:
Each question below consists of a pair of capitalised words,
followed by four pairs of words. Choose the pair which best expresses
the relationship DISSIMILAR to that expressed in the capitalised pair.
Manners : good
Wit : ready
Aroma : tantalising
Brain : heady
Hazard : dangerous
Threat : alarming
Challenge : defiant
Hinder : impediment
Penance : atonement
Adulatory : flattery
Prostration : respect
Frown : disapproval
Jam : quince
Ore : iron
Vodka : potato
Pudding : rice
44. EAR : LOBE
Foot : leg
Hand : finger
Arm : hand
Leg : foot
Directions for questions 45 to 49:
Each question below contains six statements.
Choose the set of three statements which are logically related.
45. A]. No actress eats heartily.
B]. All actresses like food.
C]. Some actresses are weight conscious.
D]. All men eat heartily.
E]. No man is an actor.
F]. All men are handsome.

46.A] All MBAS without work experience would like to attend training programmes.
B]. All managers would like to attend training programmes.
C]. Some managers are entitled to attend training programmes.
D]. Some who qualify as managers are also MBAs.
E]. All MBAs are entitled to attend training programmes.
F]. Some managers are not MBAs.

47. A] All businessmen are rich.
B] All businessmen are investors.
C].All businessmen are professionals.
D].All businessmen need money.
E].All professionals need money.
F].All professionals need power.
48. A] Some students think about their career.
B].All CA aspirants are students.
C].All CA aspirants are hardworking.
D]All CA aspirants think about their career.
E]Some people who think about their career are students.
F]Some students are CA aspirants.

49. A] Some top companies are conscious about costs.
B]. Some high-growth companies are profitable.
C]. Some high growth companies are not conscious about costs.
D]. All high growth companies are profitble.
E]. Some high growth companies are not profitable.
F]. All profitable companies are not conscious about costs.
Directions for questions 50 to 51 :
Each question below contains a sentence broken into four
segments marked a, b, c, d. Arrange the segments so as to
form a logical sequence.
50 A]. that both hunts in the forest.
B]. the opposum is a roving feeder.
C]. from native hunts
D]. and steals food.

51. A] When a young Virginia farmer named Peter Lobo
B]. the great breakthrough in wheat farming
C]. invented the harvesting machine.
D]. came in the 1930s
Directions for 52 to 54: In each question below there is an incomplete sentence, followed by four answer choices marked 1, 2, 3, and 4. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence and mark it appropriately.
52. We consulted a specialist _________
so that cancer may be ruled out
so that we wanted to rule out cancer.
so that cancer could be ruled out
so that we can rule out cancer

53. Could you tell us _________?
who was given the letter to
to whom was given the letter to
you have the letter to whom
to whom you gave the letter.

54.No one denies that _______ knowledge.
he is ambitious and aspires.
he was ambitious and aspired for
he is ambitious and aspires for
he aspires after
Directions for questions 55 to 58
Each of the questions consists of two capitalized words,
which have a certain relationship to each other, followed by 4 pairs of words.
Choose the pair that is not related to each other in the same way as the capitalized pair.
Command : Obey
Forbidden : Abstain
Tacit : Approve
Lawful : Abide
Discrimination : Connoisseur
Credulity : Dupe
Eloquence : Orator
Truculence : Snob
Mall : Market
Kitchen : Bedroom
Banquet : Feast
Restaurant : Hotel
Skeptical : Convince
Bored : Interest
Unwilling : Coax
Erudite : Teach
Indiscriminate : Fastidious
Brook : Tolerate
Exaggerate : Minimize
Untoward : Favorable
Directions for question 60
Each of the sentences given below has a blank space.
Select the appropriate word that would make the sentence meaningful.
60. In the developed countries, R&D efforts are _________ by their absence.
apparent conspicuous clear minimized
Directions for question 61 to 110.

Choose the correct alternative.
61. If an article cost 50% of its selling price there was a profit of Rs60.
What was the selling price?
125 120 140 200
62. A can do a piece of work in 10 days which can be done by B in 12 days.
How long would it take to do the work together?
4 7/9 5 3/9 5 5/11 5 ½
63. The denominator of a fraction is greater than its numerator by 5 but if 7 were
added to the denominator the value of the fraction would then become 1/4th .
What is the fraction?
4/9 2/3 5/11 4/7
64. The sum of all 2 digit numbers which can be formed from 4 & 5 ?
45 99 100 101
65. Find the number whose double is greater than its half by 30.
20 30 25 23
66. A divided Rs. 200 amongst 15 children giving some Rs. 20 and remaing Rs.10.
How many children receive Rs. 20?
7 12 10 5
67. If 3 apples are worth 2 bananas, how many bananas are 15 apples worth?
15 8 10 12
68. A buys an item for Rs. 600 of which 12% is excise and 4% is sales tax .
How much would A pay exclusive of taxes and excise?
519.82 521.33 517.24 518.00
69. X has Rs. 6 with him. If 2/3 of what X has is ¼ of what Y has.
How much does Y have?
8 16 12 14
70. The sum of a number and its reciprocal is ½ . The sum of their squares is:
9/4 4/5 5/3 7/4
71. X,Y,and Z take 20, 30 and 60 days respectively to complete a job independently.
They set out to complete a job together . However Y leaves after 4 days and Z leaves after another 6 days .
How many more days will it take for X alone to complete the job now?
4 3 5 6
72. A rectangular block of dimensions 5*6*7 cm. Is dropped into a cylindrical vesssed of radius 6 cm. And height 10 cm.. If the level of fluid in the cylinder rises by 4 cm.,
What portion of the block is immersed in the fluid?
22/7*15/18 22/7*24/35 22/7*22/34 22/7*12/15
73. The difference between a number and its square is 870. What is the number?
42 29 30 32
74. In an election , 60% of the voters exercised the franchise. Of these, 40% were women. The number of males exercising their franchise was 53040. How many eligible voters were there in all?
125000 150000 230000 153000
75. If the side of a square is increased by 3 cm., the area increases by 33 cm. The side of the square is
5.5 6 2 4
76. A sum of RS. 88000 is to be divided among A, B, and C such that for every rupee, A gets, B gets 75 paise and for every rupee, B gets , C gets 90 paise . How much is C’s share?
28345 28563 24495 30500
77. A family uses a mixture of a blend of 2 coffees costing Rs. 30 and Rs. 60 respectively.If the family uses only the expensive variety, it will have to spend Rs.450 more. The annual consumption of coffee of the family is 20Kgs. In what ratio are the two blends being used?
3:1 2:3 4:5 2:1
78. A buys a washing machine costing Rs.6000 on instalment basis.
He pays Rs. 3000 cash at the time of delivery and subsequently 2 monthly instalments of Rs. 1575 each.The rate of interest charged p.a. is
39% 32% 28% 30%
79. If 4-[2.8-{3.5-(1-X)}]=5, Then value of X is
2.3 1.5 1.3 2.5
80. A salesman earns a commission of 3% on the value of sale that he makes.
If by selling a radio at 60 % of the marked prices, he earns a commission of Rs. 12,
then the marked price of the radio is?
667 700 655 680
81. P, Q, and R enter into a Partnership and their shares are in proportion of 3:2:1.
P withdraws half his capital at the end of 4 months and after 8 months more the profit of Rs. 1800 is divided. What is P’s share?
570 660 720 700
82. A sum of Rs. 8.25 is made up of 100 coins which are either 10 paise or 5 paise.
How many are there of 10 paise?
65 35 40 55
83. A trader has 100 Kg of wheat, part of which he sells at 5% profit and the rest at 20% profit.
He gains 15% on the whole. Find how much is sold at 5% profit?
60 50 66.6 33.3
84. If x*y*z = (x2+y2)z, then value of 4*3*2 is
650 675 550 625
85. If the side of a square is increased by 8cm, the area increases by 80cm2.
What is the side of the square?
1.3 1.5 1 2
86. Ashish travels a distance of 100 km in the following manner, at 20 kmph for the 1st 50 kms,at 25 kmph for the next 50 kms. He returns at a constant speed of 25kmph.
What was his average speed for the journey?
22.50 23.52 24.60 22.35
87. A purchases a car at a discount of 20% from a wholesaler and sells it at a profit of 20% for Rs.1800. How much discount did he get from the wholesaler?
60 85 70 75
88. A radio can be brought for Rs.2000 cash or for Rs.2200 on 5 months credit.
Find the interest rate p.a. Consider simple interest.
24 22 32 25
89. If 20kg of rice cost Rs.200 less than 80 kgs of wheat. If a kg mixture of rice and wheat is in the proportion 2:3 and cost Rs.15, Find per kg cost of rice in Rs.
15 20 10 None of these.
90. X is 25% more efficient than Y and his hourly wages are 25% more.
If X is paid Rs.75, how much will Y receive for the same work?
65 90 75 110
91. Ashish spends 10% of his pocket money on himself and gives his sister Rs.5.
If he still has 80% of the original sum, what was the amount he had as pocket money?
36 50 45 48
92. A owes B a sum of Rs.5000 to be paid 6 months from today. If simple interest @12% p.a. is calculated, what sum shall A have to pay B, 4 months from now in full discharge of the debt?
4726 4824 4900 4906
93. The difference of 2 positive numbers is 81 and quotient obtained on dividing the one by the other is 9. Find the first number.
1] 75 2] 90 3] 10 4] 81
94. Anand goes to a shop to buy the walkman costing Rs.2250. The rate of sales tax is 6% he wants the dealer to reduce the price so that he has to pay Rs.2000 inclusive of tax. Find the reduction needed in he percent of the walkman.
15 16 17 18
95. P,Q, R enter a partnership where they invest Rs. 20000, Rs. 30000, Rs. 40000 resp. P withdraws Rs.10000 after 2 months, Q withdraws Rs. 15000 after 4 months and R withdraws Rs. 25000 after 8 months. What will be R’s share in the profit of Rs. 12474?
3564 3267 5643 5500
96. A company declares a dividend of 15% on Rs.150 shares. A man buys such shares and gets 10% on his investment. Find at what price he bought the shares?
255 356 225 240
97. If x sells for Rs.20 each, 250 Rs.10 share in a company which pays a dividend of 10% and then invests the proceeds of this sale in the purchase of Rs.5 shares in another company at Rs.4 each, find what difference is made in his income if the company pays a dividend of 4%?
50 66 105 None of these.
98. ¼ of one number + 2/3 of another = 3/8 of their sum. Find the ratio of their numbers.
4:3 2:5 3:7 2:1
99. At how many distinct points do the diagonals of a square intersect if no 2 diagonals pass through the same point?
4 1 2 3
100. X buys an apple from Y for Rs.5 and sells it to Z for Rs.10. He later buys the apple back from Z for Rs.12 and sells it to Y for Rs.15. What is his profit over the venture?
8 6 12 10
101. I have a rectangular piece of cloth 16 meters long & 1 1/4 metre broad. Iwant to cut as many large square pieces of the same size as possible. How many such pieces can I cut out of it ?
320 240 360 325
102. The sum of two natural numbers is 85 and their L . C .M is 102. Find the numbers
51 & 34 25&63 40&25 51 & 25
103. A man XY of height 1.75 cm stands at a distance of 4 metres from a pillar AB. If the pillar is at the height of 5.25 m from the ground, what is the length of the man’s shadow on the ground ?
1m 2m 5m 6m
104. triangles x & y have the same area. If the bases are in the ratio 2 : 3, what is the ratio of their heights ?
3:2 2:3 3:4 5:6
105. A ground of 4.9 m width is prepared on the inside of a circular area of diameter 10 m.
Find the cost of levelling the garden at Rs. 10 per sqm.
789.25 653.43 775.54 650.33
106. Three circles touch each other externally. If xy = 15 ,yz = 10, xz = 21 Find the radius of each circle.
13 ,8 ,2 14 , 5 ,9 10 ,13 ,12 5 ,6 ,3
107. If the diameter of a circle is increased by 100 %, find the % increase in the area.
200 300 100 250
108. A spherical ball of 8 cm diameter is melted into a cone with base 20 cm in diameter. Find its height.
2.56cm 3 cm 2 cm 3.75 cm
109. Water flows out at the rate of 10m per minute, from a cylindrical pipe of diameter 5 mm. Find the time taken to fill a conical tank whose diameter at the surface is 40 cm and depth 24cm.
53 1/2 min 51 1/5 min 57 1/5 min 60min
110. Find the S.I. for Rs.2500 for 73 days at 6 % p.a.
Rs.30 Rs.50 Rs.40 Rs.20
Directions for questions 111 to113 :

Refer to the pie chart below

Sales of Biscuits in 1999 in America

111. The costliest brand of Biscuits in 1999 in America was priced at
26paise 36paise 8paise 23paise
112. The ratio of prices of the cheapest brand to the costliest brand in America was
130:29 123:25 57:4 59:43
113. If brand T is withdrawn from the market and the consumers of brand T change over to brand
P&S in the ratio of 1:3 what will be the new % share of brand P in value sales.
3% 2.3% 2% 2.5%
Directions for questions 114 to 116
Refer to the bar chart below

Monthly expenditure on cosmetics and toiletries per household

Figures in bracket mentioned next to the year represent total monthly expenditure on toiletries
and cosmetics per household. Soaps and Shampoos are part of toiletries
Toiletries other than soaps and shampoos are called other toiletries.
114.In 1982 what was the monthly expenditure on toiletries per household?
Rs.33 Rs.27 Rs.45 Rs.50
115. In 1981 what was the per household monthly expense on other toiletries
Rs 17 Rs 24 Rs 22 Rs 19
116. In which year was the % increase in per household expenditure on soaps the greatest
1981 1982 1983 1984
Directions for questions 117 to 119
Refer to the column chart below

Given below is the chart for employment in three different sectors

117.In which year was the rate of employment the highest?
1995 1994 1996 1997
118.In which year was the ratio of persons employed in the agricultural sector to persons employed in the industrial sector the least?
1994 1995 1996 1997
119.What was the highest rate of employment in the power sector?
30.5 26.7 29.4 29.8

Directions for questions 120 to 150
Each question is followed by 2 statements
Mark (1) if statement a alone is suficient but statement b alone is not sufficient
Mark (2) if statement b alone is sufficient but statement a alone is not sufficient
Mark (3) if both statements a & b together are sufficient but neither statements
alone is sufficient
Mark (4) if each statement alone is sufficient
Mark (5) if statement a & b together are not sufficient.

120. Is the sum of 2 real numbers x &y even
a. x & y are positive.
b. x & y are negative.
1 2 3 4 5
121. What will be Raghu’s age 5 year’s from now
a. Raghu is 30 years younger than his dad
b. Raghu’s dad was 50 years old 5 years ago
1 2 3 4 5
122. How many boys passed CAT Entrance this year?
a. Last year 500 hundred boys passed
b. This year there was a 15% decrease, over last years in the number of failures
1 2 3 4 5
123. In a class of 50 students how many girls scored over 80% in chemistry test
a. Exactly 15 boys scored over 80% of the test
b. 1/2 of the class scored over 80%
1 2 3 4 5
124. What was the cost price of an article which was sold for Rs. 156
a. the % profit made was numerically equal to the cost price
b. the profit made on the article was 65% of the selling price.
1 2 3 4 5
125. Was Ashish early, on time, or late for work
a. he thought his watch was 15 minutes fast
b. actually his watch was 10 minutes slow.
1 2 3 4 5
126. In 1980, what was Vithal’s monthly average income
a. he earned Rs. 15000 from Jan to July 1980
b. he earned average income of 1500 from July to Dec. 1980
1 2 3 4 5
127. In what time was the Job to be completed by the typist
a. if she had typed 2 pages more than what is required per day she would have
completed the task 2 days ahead of time
b. total no. of pages she types per day is 10.
1 2 3 4 5
128. What is total investment of Mahaveer on 99 eggs in Rs.
a. out of 99 eggs 45 are broken and he sold the remaining at Rs. 6 per dozen
b. he gained 5% on this investment
1 2 3 4 5
129. How many rupee coins does Ashwini have in her pocket
a. she has 24 rupees in coins in her pocket
b. 5 of her coins are of 50 paise.
1 2 3 4 5
130. What is the volume of a cubical box in cubic cm
a. 1 face of the box has area of 49 cm
b. The longest diagonal of the box is 20 cm.
1 2 3 4 5
131. Is X=Z, X,Y,Z are real numbers.
a. X-Y=Y-C
b. X-2Z = Z-2Y
1 2 3 4 5
132. Is Y>Z, X,Y,Z are real numbers
a. X2+Y2+Z2 =0
b. X>Y-Z
1 2 3 4 5
133. What is the value of X? X is a real number
a. X2-X-12=0
b. X2+X-20=0
1 2 3 4 5
134. How long would it take A to complete the work
a. A & B complete the work in 10 days
b. A takes 5 days more than B to complete the work.
1 2 3 4 5
135. How many square tiles are required for the wall of the bathroom of a house
a. The length of the bathroom is twice its width
b. Area of each tile is 1/25th of the area of the wall of the bathroom.
1 2 3 4 5
136. Is the product of 2 real numbers A & B greater than 15
a. 5 6
1 2 3 4 5
137. Is triangle PQR an isosceles triangle
a. Exactly two of the angles angle P & angle Q have the same measure
b. angle Q & angle R are not equal.
1 2 3 4 5
138. Is the area of the outer circle 4 times the area of the inner circle.
a. the circumference of the outer circle is 2 times that of the inner circle
b. the 2 circle are concentric.
1 2 3 4 5
139. what is value of angle P in a triangle PQS, where
a. angle Q = 700
b. angle X is complementary to angle S at =130 0
1 2 3 4 5
140.What is the area of the triangle abc
a.the perimeter of the triangle is 20 cms.
b. the triangle is right angled at ‘a’
1 2 3 4 5
141. In the rectangle P,Q,R&S what is the length
a. area of the rectangle is 50 cm2
b.QS = 20 cm
1 2 3 4 5
142. What is the distance between 2 bus stops
a. One bus covers the distance 25m. faster than the other
b. The speed of the first bus is 8 kmph faster than the 2nd
1 2 3 4 5
143. Is a2-9/a-3 = 6
a. a-3 = 0
b. a+3 = 0
1 2 3 4 5
144. What are the 2 positive numbers
a. their geometric mean is equal to their arithmetic mean
b. their geometric mean is greater than their arithmetic mean by 2.
1 2 3 4 5
145. When will the American population exceed Indian population?
a. Population of India grows @20% per decade and America @15% per decade.
b. In 1980 Indian population was 35 crores more than the American population.
1 2 3 4 5
146. Given P+Q = A+B is P>Q. PQAB are real nos.
a. P>A
b. y=200 5 10 7 30 0
*Consultation means just taking employee opinion it is not involving employees in decision making.
111. The company making the most profits were the ones
who involved employees in decission making.
Consulted the employees.
Did not listen to employees.
Gave full control to employees.
112. The least number of companies showing profit in all the profit categories were
not managed well.
Did not consult others.
Under full employee control.
Were under management control.
113. If the total amount of profit generated by all the companies in the 10 – 50 lacs category is 13.00 crores then the average profit is
20 lacs.
21 lacs.
18 lacs.
22 lacs.
114. If company with joint decission making style in the 50-100 lacs profit category made an average profit of 80 lacs and company of limited consultation made average profit by all companies in joint decission making is in comparison,
less by Rs 350 lakhs.
Greater by Rs 3.5 crores.
Greater by Rs. 3.5 lakhs.
Greater by Rs. 350 crores.
115. The average profit required to be made by companies with full consultation in the 7200 lacs segment 50 that their total profit equals that made by companies of no share in mgmt type with average profit of 280 lacs is
1400 lacs.
280 lacs.
220 lacs.
200 lacs.
116. If you are appointed as a consultant and are to advice the atrategy for employee Relations based on the above data you would , advice
full employee control.
Joint decision making.
No share in management.
Limited consultation.
117. In the range of profits from Rs 10 – 150 lacs, across categories
I No share in mgmt and full employee control show a similar trend.
II Consultation in critical issues shows an increasing trend.
III Joint decision making shows an increasing trend.
I and II only.
II and III only.
I and III only.
I II and III.
118. The maximum jump in the number of companies from one category to the next occurs in case of which style.
Full employee control.
Limited consultation.
Full consultation style.
Joint decision making.
119. The ratio of the number of companies in one style of employee relation is exactly twice of another style in the same category. The unique thing is that this occurs thrice in mat category. This category is
10 – 50 lacs.
50 – 100 lacs.
150 – 200 lacs.
>- 200 lacs.
120. In case of the ratio mentioned in question (9) above which of the style occurs twice, once as a numerator and once as a denominator.
Full consultation.
No share in management.
Joint decision making.
Full employee control.
Directions for questions 121 to 150
Each question is followed by 2 statements
Mark (1) if statement I alone is suficient but statement II alone is not sufficient
Mark (2) if statement II alone is sufficient but statement I alone is not sufficient
Mark (3) if both statements I & II together are sufficient but neither statements alone is sufficient
Mark (4) if each statement alone is sufficient
Mark (5) if statement I &II together are not sufficient.
121. What is the present age of Shyamu?
a. His birthday was on 29th Feb
b. His age 5 years ago was a 2 digit odd no. the sum of the digits being an even prime
1 2 3 4 5
122. What is the average speed of Kishan
a. He walks at 20 miles hour from place P to another place Q and returns at 15 miles per
b. Distance from P to Q is 50 miles.
1 2 3 4 5
123. Find R in the trapezium PQRS.
a. P = 60 0
b. Q =30 0
1 2 3 4 5
124. A 2 digit no. is divisible by 5. What is the
a. the unit digit is 1 /2 the number ten’s digit
b. sum of the digits is 10
1 2 3 4 5
125. What is the S.P of a radio?
a. Profit on S.P is 5%
b. Profit on S.P is 1/4 profit on C.P
1 2 3 4 5
126. What is the value of P m triangle PQR
a. R = 2 Q
b. PQ = 5, QR = 6
1 2 3 4 5
127. Was a “black Mercedes” here yesterday ?
a. All the cars that were here yesterday were black
b. Some mercedes were black.
1 2 3 4 5
128. Is A to the northwest of B
a. C is to the South east of A
b. C is to the northwest of B
1 2 3 4 5
129. Is X the right person to be chosen
a. Nobody who cannot face this challenge is the right person to be chosen
b. X cannot face this challenge.
1 2 3 4 5
130. In the rectangle PQRS what is the length ?
a. Area of rectange is 50 sq. units.
b.. PR = 25 units.
1 2 3 4 5
131. Is point A in the first Quadrant
a. A lies within the circle with centre at origin and radious 4
b. A lies on the straight line 3x + 4y = 6
1 2 3 4 5
132. Is line PQ tangent to the circle within center R
a. One of the radii of the circle is perpendicular to PQ
b. Q is a point in the circumference, and RQ is perpendicular to PQ
1 2 3 4 5
133. What is the value of a
a. (a2)2 = a4
b.( a 3) 2 = (2 2 )3
1 2 3 4 5
134. What is the average salary of x , y, z
a. x y draw equal salaries z’s salary is half of x y
b. z’s salary is Rs. 200 less than y
1 2 3 4 5
135. Is Satish older than Ganesh
a. Kartik is 5 years younger than Satish and 2 years younger than Dinesh
b. the average of Satish’s age in years and Ganesh’s age in years is 15.
1 2 3 4 5
136. What is the area of a square PQRS
a. The Perimeter of the square is 30.
b. The length of the diagonal is 4 sqrt. 3
1 2 3 4 5
137. Is the radious of circle with centre A a whole number
a. The circumference of the circle is 10 (22 /7)
b. The ratio of the circumference of the circle to the area of the circle is 1/ 3
1 2 3 4 5
138.Are the integers a ,b, c ,d , e which have been written in the ascending order consecutive?
a. C is the average of the five integer
b. C = b + 3
1 2 3 4 5
139. What is the area of the triangle PQR
a. P , Q , R are the midpoints of the triangle ABC.
b. Triangle ABC is an equilateral triangle of side 20 cm
1 2 3 4 5
140.How many stones are there totally with x y
a. If x gives 5 stones to y they will have an equal number
b. If y had 10 stones less he will have half the number as with x
1 2 3 4 5
141. What is the value of y ; x ,y , z are real numbers
a. x ,y , z are such that Y2 = xz
b. x = z and both are positive
1 2 3 4 5
142. A tank contains 15 litres of water if an inlet A and an outlet B are opened at the same
time the tank is completely filled in 5 hour. How many litres does the tank hold
a. pipe A alone takes 2 hours to fill the tank
b. If the tank is completely filled then pipe B alone takes 3 hours to empty it.
1 2 3 4 5
143. What is the ratio of the rates of interest for the two schemes
a. Rs. 6000 invested in the first scheme amounts to Rs. 12000 in 4 years
b. Rs. 8000 invested in the second scheme amounts to Rs. 16000 in one year.
1 2 3 4 5
144. What is the speed of A
a.. A takes 15 seconds to run up on escalator 135 m long
b. A takes 20 seconds to run down the escalator
1 2 3 4 5
145. What is the total surface area of a cylinder
a. The lase area is 60.
b. The volume is 360
1 2 3 4 5
146. At what time would the Rajdhani Express reach Mumbai
a. It left Delhi at 11 a.m. runs at an average speed of 30 km / hour
b. Geetanjali Express which left Mumbai at 12 p.m runs at the same speed towards Delhi crossed it at 1 :30 p.m. on the same day.
1 2 3 4 5
147. What is the total cost of tiles needed for a room 12 ft by 10 ft
a. The tiles are 4 inches square each
b. Tiles cost Rs. 15 sq.feet
1 2 3 4 5
148. What is the rate of S.I.
a. The principal doubles itself in 5 years
b. The principal is Rs. 1580.
1 2 3 4 5
149. What is the profit when 2 varieties of coffee at Rs. 5/ kg and Rs. 10/ kg are mixed and sold for Rs. 8/ kg.
a. The total quantity sold was 10 kgs
b. The total cost of the mixture was Rs. 70.
1 2 3 4 5
150. In a 50 m race B takes half a minute more than A to complete the race. How much can A give B in a boom race.
a. A runs 50 m in 5 minutes.
b. A is faster than B.
1 2 3 4 5
Directions for questions 151 to 160 :
Read carefully the passages given below and answer the questions that follow.
Passage 1
How strange time is and how queer we are! Time has really changed and it has changed us too. It walked one step forward, unveiled its grace, alarmed us and hen elated us.
Yesterday we complained about time and trembled at its terrors. But today we have learned to love it and revere it, for now we understand its intents, its natural disposition, its secrets and its mysteries.
Yesterday we were a toy in the hands of Destiny. But today Destiny has awakened from her intoxication to play and laugh and walk with us. We do not follow her but she follows us.
151. The author is talking about
Time and how it has changed
Our queerness
Our fright
None of the above.
152. The author tries to say that along with time
We have become more frightened
We have changed too
We also walk with it
None of the above
153. When the author says that “……. Destiny follows us”, he means
Destiny can take walks
Destiny can play like us
Destiny can sleep and awake like us
We have conquered destiny
154. The author throughout the passage sounds
155. The passage has probably been written by a
Philosopher or a poet
Passage 2
As comprehensive socialism has diminished an opposing doctrine has emerged. This is privatisation. As a broad rule, privatisation ranks with socialism in irrelevance. There is a large area of economic activity in which the market is and should be unchallenged. Equally there is a large range of activities that increases with increasing economic activity where the services and functions of the state are either necessary or superior. Privatisation is not any better as a controlling guide to public action than is socialism. In both the cases the primary service of the doctrine is in providing escape from thought. In a good society there is in these matters one dominant rule: Decisions must be made on the social and economic merits of the case. This is not the age of doctrine. This is the age of practical judgement.
156. The author is
anti- socialism
calls for a balance between both
None of the above
157. The following statement is false
Socialism has disappeared
Privatization cant be used in all areas
Privatisation and socialism are opposing doctrines
All of the above
158. The piece was written in the
159. In a good society, decisions are made based on
on cash flows
on economic and social merits of cases
on economic value
160. In this passage the central idea is of the
Theory of ideologies
forms of governments
Relevance of socialism even today
Economic activities
Study the statements and the two conclusions and state if:(A) Only conclusion I follows
(B) Only conclusion II follows
(C) Both conclusions I and II follow
(D)Neither I or II follow
Due to contamination of water a large number of people were admitted to the hospital. The symptoms denoted Malaria.
(I) Contamination of water may lead to Malaria
(II)Malaria is a disease

162. Statements:
To own a personal imported motor bike one requires an import license
(I) Motor bikes are manufactured in India
(II) They can be imported easily 4

163. Statements:
The average number of students in cities is 40 per teacher, whereas in the
villages it is 50. The combined average is 45.
(I) The student-teacher ratio in the cities is not satisfactory
(II) Student-teacher ratio in cities is higher than that in the villages

Study the statements and the two inferences that follow and state if:
(A) Only inference I follows
(B) Only inference II follows
(C) Both inferences I and II follow
(D)Neither I or II follow
164. Statements:
All monkeys are donkeys. Some monkeys are rabbits
(I) Some rabbits are donkeys
(II) Some donkeys are rabbits

165. Statements: No petal is a plant. No plant is a thorn
(I) No thorn is a petal
(II) No Petal is thorn

166. No bird is an animal. All birds are insects
(I)No insect is animal
(II)No animal is insect

167. All expectations are liars. All fears are dupes. So
(I)All expectations are fears
(II)All liars are dupes

168. Every ink is blue. Flowers are blue. So
(I)Flower is ink
(II)Ink is flower

169. No cat is rat. No rat is dog. So
(I)No cat is dog
(II)No dog is cat

170. All slaves are masters. All masters are harsh
(I)All slaves are harsh
(II)All harsh are slaves

Directions for questions 171 to175

Each question below is followed by four arguments. Classify them into strong and weak
Strong arguments must be both important and directly related to the question.
Weak arguments may not be directly related or may be of minor importance
171.Movies should not be censored.
I No: Movies can contain obscenity and violence
II Yes: Censorship boards are overworked anyway.
III Yes: Censorship implies that a few people know what is good for the rest.
IV Yes. Movies are facing competition from television.
All strong Only II weak II and IV weak All are weak
172. Honesty is the best policy
I Yes: To be honest pays in the long run
II No: Honesty is often taken advantage of
III No: Honesty is rarely appreciated
IV Yes: An honest person has a clear conscience, and is a happier person
I strong All are strong II is strong III is strong
173. The dowry system has to be legalized
I Yes: All the dowry payers will be happy
II No: Legislation will encourage the practice
III Yes: Legalization will help institute checks and controls
IV No : A shameful practice is best conducted secretly
II and III strong All are weak IV is weak II is weak
174. Money is the root of all evil
I Yes : Money can drive men to murder and robbery
II No : Money is mechanical
III No : Only trees have roots
IV Money signifies greed, which is the root of all evil
II strong All are weak All are strong I and IV are strong
175. One day you have to quit working. Invest wisely today, and you won’t stop spending
I Yes : A wise investment today can give one an assured future income
II No : It is not necessary that an investment today, however wise, can guarantee
‘continued spending’ in the future
III Yes : Someday or the other, everybody stops working
IV No : Investment is not an area that everybody is comfortable with.
I and II are strong I II and III are strong
All are strong All are weak
Directions for questions 176 to 180
Classify the statements as Fact(F), Inference(I), or Judgement(J), based on the
definitions given below
FACT: Something that can be seen or heard, and is capable of being verified.
INFERENCE: The statement that is drawn or concluded from a fact
JUDGEMENT: Is an opinion, and implies approval or disapproval

176. a] This is a red book
b] All red books are unlucky
c] Red books are more attractive than blue ones
177. a] The goat is sitting on the grass
b] The grass is green
c] Plastic is not a bio-degradable substance
178. a] It is unimaginable
b] God is great
c] Politics is the last refuge of the criminal
179. a] Catches win matches
b] Its just not cricket
c] Spectators find one-day matches more interesting than test matches
180. a] She was writing, seated on a table
b] I love his mild nature
c] The secretary gave a friendly smile
Directions for questions 181 to 185
An argument is a statement meant to convince another person about your point of
An assertion is a point of view
A counter-argument contains logic opposing the assertion
Based on the above definitions, classify each of the given set of statements into
I Assertion II Supporting reason
III Counter argument IV Irrelevant argument

181. a] They sold 850 chairs thereby getting a net profit of Rs 100,000
b] The IT department did the right thing when it acquired undervalued property nearly
10 years ago
c] In the last 2 auctions, the department failed to sell any of the 53 chairs on view
d] Even in an advertising blitz in the Gulf did not generate much revenue
182. a] It is difficult to be happy
b] The symptoms of happiness are a source of happiness
c] Happiness comes from a lack of want
d] Unhappiness creates a lack of want
I, II, II, II IV, I, II, II I, II, I, II I, II, IV, IV
183. a] A cheat
b] A liar
c] He is a twisted man
d] A friend to be relied on

Directions for questions 1 to 5 :

Select the word nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the capitalized word.

angular of birth epic of theatre

insincere dead wet hard

ideal beautiful flawed uncertain

concerned casual noisy polished

friendliness aversion hate direct reference
Directions for questions 6 to 12 :
Four statements with blanks are followed by 4 alternatives. Choose the one which fits the set of statements the maximum number of times.
i. The sorry plight of the child will _______ him to tears.
ii. They have asked me to ______ the piano upstairs.
iii.The new management will ______ all the backlog work on to the sales manager.
iv. This is an extremely tactical ________ on her part.

reduce transfer shift move
.i. A methodical man plans his work in a ______ manner.
ii. He is, I admit, rather _______ on the uptake.
iii. The river clogged as it was with rubbish, flowed in a ______ manner down the plains.
iv. He is a man _______ to anger; but when roused, he is formidable.

deliberate slow sluggish leisurely
i. She could not give free _____ to the smile that the joke brought to her lips.
ii. The new- fangled excise laws will serve merely to _____ free trade.
iii. Parents who impose too much control ________ the natural growth of children.
iv. Stepping off the ____, the child walked straight into the oncoming truck.

kerb check inhibit rein
i. He ______ the offer, although the Board made him the offer twice.
ii. After the introduction of mechanized textiles, the local handloom industry _______
iii. The incidence of crime in this suburb has ______ after the new Superintendent of Police assumed office.
iv. Again and again, in world history, have nations at the height of their glory ______ mysteriously.

declined decelerated reduced fallen
i. The members of the squid family ________ from small 6-inch creatures to huge 20-foot deep-sea denizens.
ii. The mountains of the Himalayan _______ span India, Pakistan, Nepal and Tibet.
iii. He has studied astrology in great _______, and is today one of the most knowledgeable men in India on this subject.
iv. At _______, he rose, put out the fire, and went out for a breath of fresh air.

depth width range length
i. Faced with news that his illness was _______, the man decided to enjoy each day to the fullest possible extent.
ii. My mind is made up, and my decision is ________.
iii. The current stalemate between France and Britain cannot _______ long in view of the common economic considerations.
iv. She stood at the departure _________, a forlorn and lost figure in the hurrying crowds.

last terminal final decisive
i. The rains were in time, the harvest was bountiful and the children knew no ______.
ii. After dinner, he went for a stroll, as was his _________ .
iii. I am sure he ________ compromise on his ideals.
iv. Waste not, _______ not.

wont went want won’t
Directions for questions 13 to 15 :
Each of the sentences below has two blank spaces indicating that something has been left out. Following each sentence four sets of words are given. Choose the set of words that makes the sentence more meaningful.
13. Man has created a mechanical civilization which largely ____ human_____

destroys, ambitions militates, ideals
degenerates, ethics ignores, values
14. _________ is necessary to distinction and uniformity in education tends to produce _________ in adult life.

Wealth, frailty Honour, variety
Diversity, ordinariness Fame, distinction
15. _________ rage is a psychological ______ and should be treated by a psychiatrist

Mindless, phenomenon Senseless, eccentricity
Uncontrollable, aberration Untold, malady
Directions for questions 16 to 19 :
Each of the question below consists of 2 capitalized words which have a certain relationship to each other, followed by four pairs of words. Choose the pair of words which are not related to each other in the same way the words of the capitalized words are related.

shrine : pilgrim peak : climber
route : driver destination : traveller

splint : mobility exercise : weight
antiseptic : infection diet : stability

anger : critic doubt : skeptic fear : coward wisdom : sage

blessing : expiation
compliment : approbation
winnow : adulterate
strident : mellifluous
Directions for questions 20 to 22 :
Following sentences are broken up into four parts (1),(2),(3) and (4). Mark the part which would not be acceptable in standard written English.
20. At the super market you can buy goods really cheaply
21. All along the journey the stupid woman kept complaining
22. I will come and see you in case I pass through Delhi.
Directions for questions 23 to 25 :
Each of the sentences below has one blank space. Choose the alternative which when inserted in the sentence, best fits in with the meaning of the sentence as a whole.
23. A species does not lose the right to exist _______ because it does not provide eco-system service that is useful to humans.

unfairly fairly simply briefly
24. This feature on first aid tells you how to deal with common everyday accidents and how they can ________ by checking potentially dangerous situations.

be stopped be healed be dealt be prevented
25.At one point of time I wrote lifeless books and was __________ into purple passages, decorative adjectives and humbug generally.

introduced moved declining inspired.
Directions for questions 26 to 30 :
Each sentence given below is incomplete and is followed by four choices. Select from among the four choices the one which most logically completes the idea contained in the given sentence.
26. Foods have long been known to affect the body, but it has come as a complete surprise to scientists that certain foods influence the brain. You may soon be eating particular foods to improve memory or to enhance concentration and learning.

The liquid foods rather than solid ones would lend themselves more
readily for this purpose.
This is one reason to hope that illiteracy and ignorance will soon be things of the past.
So, there are reasons to believe that the 21st century will be the century of enlightenment.
Breakfast may be planned to awaken your creative or analytic skills for a high powered day.
27. It is a shame to say it, but apparently mankind thrives on conflict._______.

A nation is never so alert and alive as when it is a nation at war.
Actually, life originated in conflict.
Peace is an interval between two wars.
Wars in many subtle ways have contributed to the betterment of human
28. Some kids, bully their friends and shun the love showered on them. Eventually, they ______

grow up to be good law- abiding citizens.
become disgusted with their way of life and take a turn for the better.
grow up to be poets and artists of great merit.
grow up to rob, and kill.
29.Under the hot glare of psychology and sociology the heroes’s heroic qualities _____ .

have disappeared.
shine brightly.
have been dissolved into a blur of environmental influences and internal maladjustments.
have been enhanced to assume larger than life proportions.
30. Somewhat further in the future lies the auspicious possibility of creating geothermal wells where none naturally exist. This could be accomplished by ________ .

harnessing thermal energy from the seas and storing it in these wells in unlimited quantity.
building atomic reactors underground which use the earth’s heat for fuel.
splitting underground rocks heated naturally by volcanic activity deep in the earth and then pumping in water to produce steam.
altering climatic conditions which would make it possible to have these wells in any part of the world.
Directions for questions 31 to 35 :
In each of the following sentences, four words or phrases are underlined. You should choose the one word or phrase which would be not appropriate in standard written English. Mark (5) if you think that the sentence has no error.
31. Each of the delegates retired to their rooms to reflect on the matter separately.

delegates retired to their rooms on No error

32. You have to remove the fish scales before you fry them.

have to remove fish scales before them No Error

33.The ABC Company has a particularly good retirement plan for their employees.

ABC Company particularly good retirement plan
for their employees No errror
34.India needs a stronger legislation to curb crimes against women.

needs a stronger legislation to curb
against women No error

35. In many Indian newspapers, the use of hackneyed expressions, cliches and a plethora of quotations are common.

hackneyed plethora are common No Error
Directions for questions 36 to 42 :
Each of the following questions has two sentences A and B.
Mark (1), if you think sentence A has an error.
Mark (2), if you think sentence B has an error.
Mark (3), if you think both sentence A and B have errors.
Mark (4), if you think neither sentence has an error.
36.A. The sign on the door said that the office is closed until noon.
B. The noise from the flat over us made sleeping difficult.

1 2 3 4
37.A. Having climbed that mountain, they felt a real sense of achievement.
B. I would have liked to have lived in Shakespeare’s time.

1 2 3 4
38.A. I am not sure whether he is the man we need.
B. I have committed more mistakes than him.

1 2 3 4
39.A. I soon became acquainted with Gobind and Satpal, who I thought were terrorists.
B. We students always co-operated with our class teacher, who we respected and
who respected us.

1 2 3 4

40.A. To cope with the tornadoes, each Japanese town sets up their special warning
B. The children sang all afternoon in the park.

1 2 3 4
41.A. The boss himself or his secretary answer the phone on Friday.
B. Neither the quality nor the prices have changed.

1 2 3 4

42.A. Mr. Khan consulted an astrologer who he had met in Kashi.
B. I resented him criticizing our every move.

1 2 3 4
Directions for questions 43 to 50:
Mark (1), if the sentence has one error. Mark (2), if the sentence has two errors. Mark (3), if the sentence has three errors. Mark (4), if the sentence has no error.
43. If Prachi enrolled in the class at the beginning, she could have secured good grades.

1 2 3 4

44. Curious attitude of ambivalence towards women has characterized our society from times immemorial.

1 2 3 4

45.Floods having carried away the bridge, the river is impassable.

1 2 3 4

46.A speech to the nation was to have been made by the Prime Minister, but it had to be cancelled at the last minute because of a cabinet crises.

1 2 3 4

47.The generous Mr. Dinkar, donates two-third of his income to charitable causes.

1 2 3 4

48.I hardly have any chance to make profit in this dogs-eat-dogs business.

1 2 3 4

49.The furnitures were polished and the house painted in preparation for the party the following week.

1 2 3 4

50.The house had been broken in, and twenty thousand rupees worth of jewelry had been robbed.

1 2 3 4
Directions for questions 51 to 55 :
Each of the following questions consist of 2 capitalized words which have a certain relationship to each other, followed by four numbered pairs of words. Choose the numbered pair which are related to each other in the SAME WAY as the words of the capitalized pair.

paper : weight legs : trousers hands : gloves head : hat

smite : smitten did : done beat : beat make : made

mend : repair come : arrive lend : borrow descend : attend

nail : cobbler spoon : table cup : saucer milk : sugar

love : hate run : scamper hinge : bind blind : seeing
Directions for questions 56 to 58 :
Each of the questions below consists of sentences with blank / s. Choose the word /s best fitted from the choices given below.
56. The great East Asian currency meltdown has __________ India and Indians in various and curious ways.

effected troubled marooned affected
57.Customer __________ and service ___________ ensure that you always reach your destination on time when you fly by Indian Airlines.

58.Artistes usually look for established companies that will promote them not as singers, but as a __________.

launchpad orchestra idol brand
Directions for questions 59 to 60 :
The questions below consist of a group of sentences followed by a suggested sequential arrangement. Select the best sequence.

a) In the face of all this, a potential predator can hardly be blamed for not realising that the lizard is harmless.
b) The frill stands out in a disc upto 2 feet across.
c) The lizard adds to its alarming increase in apparent size by opening its mouth to reveal a bright yellow interior, and hisses loudly.
d) When alarmed, the Australian frilled lizard which is 3 feet long, raises a frill which normally lies flat along the neck.
e) Many animals have found that the next best thing to being fierce is looking fierce.

decba edbca eabdc cdbae
a). A third economist feels that inflation is a psychological process made worse by uncertainty.
b) Almost every economist has a different approach to the problem of inflation.
c) Another economist might insist that once it has started, inflation is fuelled by wage demands and he might argue for tight control of wages.
d) One economist might favour the approach of limiting the money supply by restricting credit.
e) So, he might suggest increasing wages and pensions in order to remove the uncertainty.
badec bdcae bdcea dbcea.
Each question is followed by 2 statements
Mark (1) if statement I alone is sufficient but statement II alone is not sufficient
Mark (2) if statement II alone is sufficient but statement I alone is not sufficient
Mark (3) if both statements I & II together are sufficient but neither statements alone is sufficient
Mark (4) if each statement alone is sufficient
Mark (5) if statement I &II together are not sufficient.
61. Is P > Q
I. 6p + 6q is positive
II. 6p + 6q is positive

1 2 3 4 5
62. What is the value of A + B
I. A = 50% of B
II. 2A + 2B = 40

1 2 3 4 5
63. How fast can Roger run ?
I. He takes 1 minute to climb up staircase 100 m long
II. He takes 20 seconds to climb down the staircase

1 2 3 4 5
64. Is point O is the first Quadrant
I. O lies within the circles with centre at origin and radius ?
II. O lies on the straight line 2x + y = 6

1 2 3 4 5
65. Find the rate of simple Interest if
I. The principle trebles itself in 9 years
II. The principle is Rs 3000

1 2 3 4 5
66. X, Y, & Z are participating in a 100 meter race, how much can x give y in the race.
I. Y can give Z 10 meters in a 200 meter race
II. X completes the race 5 minutes before Z

1 2 3 4 5
67. What are the coordinates of the centroid of DABC
I. The coordinates of points A and B are ( 2, 3 ) and ( 1, 4) respectively.
II. The centroid of triangle divides the medians of the triangle in the ratio 3 : 2

1 2 3 4 5
68. A Student must pass in both History and Geography for being promoted. How many of the 30
students in the class were promoted if nobody failed in both the subjects.
I. 20 passed in History
II. 25 passed in Maths

1 2 3 4 5
69. What is the area of a rectangle PQRS.
I. The length of the diagonal is 16
II. The perimeter of the rectangle is more than 20

1 2 3 4 5
70. Is X’s height greater than 190 cms.
I. If x grows 10 cm, his height will be more than 190 cms.
II. If he grows 5 cm , his height will be less than 190 cms.

1 2 3 4 5
71. Four cities P,Q,R & S form a square A train travels the route P-Q-R-S . The trains speed trebles after each city. What is the train’s average speed for the journey.
I. The train travelled at 600 km/h
II. The train maintained a constant speed between any 2 cities.

1 2 3 4 5
72. What was the price of milk in the 26th week of 1998
I. During the 1st week of 1998, the price of milk was Rs 15
II. The price of milk increase at 50 p. during the first five months of 1998.

1 2 3 4 5
73. How much profit did the business earn in this year.
I. The profit is 15% of the Capital
II. The Capital is 15 times the profit.

1 2 3 4 5
74. Only one of P, Q & R are zero. Which one is it?
I. P( p – q ) = 0
II. P( p + q) = q ( p + r )

1 2 3 4 5
75. What is the value of 2A + 3B
I. A + 3B = 60
II. A is 2 times B

1 2 3 4 5
76. What is the probability that India will win the final world cup ?
A. Probabilities of India beating Pakistan is 0.5.
B. Probabilities of India reaching the final is 0.4

1 2 3 4 5
77. What drips from a tap @ 3 drops in every 2 seconds. The dripped water in collected in a cylindrical Vessel of height 5 cm & diameter 10 cm . How much water was collected in 2 hours.
A. Volume of cylindrical vessel = 300 cm 3
B.Volume of one drop = 0.4 cm 3

1 2 3 4 5
78. In the number 27432 xy, find the unique values of x & y
A. The number is divisible by 9
B. The number is divisible by 8

1 2 3 4 5
79. In the expression x2 – 33x + a, find the value of a
A. If x = 2. The value of the expression becomes 5
B. The expression has got only 4 unique real factors

1 2 3 4 5
80. The perimeter of a rectangular field is 100m. The length of the field is increased by 5 m and its breadth decreased by 2 m. Find the original length of the field.
I. Area decrease by 60 m 2
II. Perimeter decreases by 5 m.

1 2 3 4 5
81. If the first term of an A.P is 4, find the sum of first 20 terms.
I. Sum of first five terms = 1 / 5 of the sum of next 5 terms
II. All the terms are (-) ve.

1 2 3 4 5
82. Rajesh sold a camera for Rs 600 which included a tax of 5% . What is his profit?
I. C.P. for Rajesh was Rs 400
II. Packing charges was Rs 10/shirt.

1 2 3 4 5
83. Two cylindrical cans have bases of the same size. Find the ratio of their volumes.
I. The diameter of each can is 10 cm.
II One of the cans is 5 cm high and the other 10 cm high.

1 2 3 4 5
84. In the LCM of x / y & p/q an integer.
I. x = p
II. y & q have no common factors

1 2 3 4 5
85. Are all Hindi films dubbed ?
I. All films are dubbed in Hindi
II. No film is dubbed in any other language

1 2 3 4 5
86. Does the class have an average above 50%
I. 50% of the class have an average above 60%
II. Total strength of the class in 250%
1 2 3 4 5
87. What is the % increase in b
I. b = a 2 + x – 2
II. % increase in A is 5%
1 2 3 4 5
88. What is the volume of (a – b) 2 – 2 ab / a – b
I. a = 2 –b
II. ab = 6
1 2 3 4 5
89. What % of a + b does b represent
I. I.a = 2b
II. II. a + b = 10
1 2 3 4 5
90. Is p > q
I. R / p = p + q
II. P > r
1 2 3 4 5
91. A sum of money becomes 30 / 14 times itself in 10 years. The rate of S. I. Is

11.4 % 15% 12.3% 14.5%
92. A buys an orange from B for Rs 4 and sells it to c for Rs. 8. He later buys the orange back from c for Rs. 12 and sells it to B for Rs 16. What is his profit over the venture.

Rs. 8 Rs. 4 Rs. 24 No profit.

93. A buys Sugar @ Rs. 20 per kg and prices it so as to earn a profit of 20%. However his balance is Faulty and shows 800 gms when it is actually 1000 gms. What is his actual profit margin.

24% 20% 15% 12%

94.2, 10, 28, 54,____

88, 80, 101, 62

95. The monthly expenses at IIM are partly constant & partly vary directly as the no. of inmates. If the expenses are Rs 4000 when no. of inmates is 240 & Rs 3200 when no. of inmates is 200 . Then no. of imnates when expense is Rs 3760 are

148 135 128 156

96. How much of 200 Rs / kg type tea should be mixed with 12 kg of 100 Rs / kg type tea to make 160 Rs / kg of branded tea ?

18 20 25 32

97. After selling a chain Ram found that he had made a loss of 20% had he sold it for Rs 54 more, he Would have made a profit of 10% his the actual loss was

Rs 36 Rs 30 Rs 18 Rs 50
98. What is 1.99 * 2.01 / 0. 001

3.9999 398.99 3989.9 none of these.
99. Complete the series 12, 24, 48, 96, _____

192 256 26 88
100. 4 , 9, 25, 49, _____

64 81 100 121
101. A shopkeeper marks his goods to make a profit of 25%. But he allows 5% discount for cash payment. His profit on a cash transaction is

19.25 21.5 18.75 20
102. If we divide 444 in 3 parts such that 2 times the first is equal to 4 times the second and 9 times the Third then the three parts are in the ratio:

1 / 2 : 1 / 4 : 1 / 9 2: 4: 9 9:4:2 None of these.
103.The length, breadth and thickness of a rectangular object are in the ratio 1:2:3 and its whole Surface area is 696 sq. cm. What is the length

10 cm 5 cm 15 cm 20 cm
104. A man is 40 years old and has 5 brothers born at equal intervals. The sum of the age of the man and brother is 180. What is the age of the eldest brother if the youngest is 4 years old.

37 years 42 years 68 years 72 years
105. Ashish has x Chocolates, First he gave y chocolates Amit. Then he gave 1 / 4 of what was left to Amrish. How much chocolates did Ashish have in the end.

1 / 2(x – y) x –y 3 / 4 ( x-y) 1 / 4 ( x – y)
106. A ball is dropped gently from a height of 100 Mts. After striking the floor it rebounds 4 / 5 of the Height from which it has fallen and continues this way and stops finally. The total distance travelled by the ball is _________ Mts.

900mts. 1000 Mts. 1200 Mts. 860 Mts.
107. If the probability that A will live 10 years is 5 / 6 and B will live 10 years in 7 / 8 what is the Probability that both will live after 10 years ?

1 / 12 35 / 48 61 / 23 49 / 79
108. What is the probability of obtaining a total of 10 points in a single throw with two dice.

1 / 10 1 / 13 1 / 18 2 / 17
109. Suppose 10 teachers are required in a college. If 4 are M.A’s and 10 doctorates apply for the Professorship, how many selections can be made taking all MA’s

210 222 340 720
110. How many squares can be formed by joining the points of a decagon ?

130 110 120 105
111. In 40 litres of a mixture of milk and water, the ratio of the constituents in the above order is 6:4.To make their ratio 4:6, ________ litres of water must be added to the mixture.

10 20 30 40
112. If the price of sugar rises by 10 per cent, a householder must reduce his consumption of sugar by _________Percent so as not to increase his expenditure.

12 ½ 15 9 20.
113. In a college, there are 200 students in class XI, 250 in class X and 350 in class IX. The enrolment percentage of class XI is ____________ per cent of the total of all three classes.

20 22 ½ 25 30.
114. 12, 18, 30 litres are to be drawn from three vessels respectively. What is the exact capacity of measure which will do it most quickly ?

6 lit 7 lit 8 lit 11 lit.
115. Hari singh sold 1/4 of his estate, gave 2/3 of the remainder to his son and 1/3 of the balance to his daughter. His daughter’s share values Rs. 7,000. The value of the whole estate is…..

Rs. 84,000 Rs. 25,000 Rs.75,000 Rs. 1,50,000.
116. A man after allowing a trade discount of 20% from the marked price, makes a profit of 10%. His marked price will be –

27% above cost price 7% above cost price.
30% above cost price. None of these.
117. 1,250 mangoes were distributed among a group of children. Each child got twice as many mangoes as the number of boys in the group. The number of children in the group was…

25 45 50 625
118. A vendor sells 20 apples for a Rupee gaining there – by 50%. How many oranges did he buy for a Rupee ?

30 12 14 16
119. If no income-tax is charged on the first Rs. 3,000 of the income, how much does a man pay as income-tax at 3 P in the rupee, if his total income is Rs. 5,000 ?

Rs. 60 Rs.90 Rs.9 None of these.
120. A wholesaler allows a discount of 10% on cash payment. The value of the article for which the customer paid Rs. 180 is-

Rs. 212 Rs. 188 Rs.200 none of these.
121.A worker earns twice as much in May as in each of the other months. What part of the entire year’s earnings does she earn in May ?

2/13 2/11 1/6 4/13
122. During one year the population o f a town increased by 20% and during the next year it diminished by 20%. Then the population now is –

Same as in the beginning Greater than that in the beginning.
Less than that in the beginning. None of the above.
123. A garrison of 600 men had provisions for 20 days. However, reinforcement of 800 men arrived. The food will now last for….

18 days 15 days 17 ½ days 16 days.
124. A is 5 km. ahead of B. The speeds of A & B are 2 and 3 km/hr respectively. B will over take A in……..

5 hr. 1 hr 20 min. 4 hr. 48 min.
125. Nitin drives his car to his office at aspeed of 50 km/h. And returns along the same route at a speed of 70 km/h. His average speed for the entire round trip is ______km/h.

58.3 68.6 54 None of above.
126. Walking 4/5 of his usual speed, a man is 15 minutes late. His usual time to cover that distance is _______ .

43 min 1hour 2hours 120 min.

127. A man loses 1 /4 of his money then wins Rs 20 loses 1/ 2 of what he has & wins Rs 30. He Finds that he has exactly what he had at the beginning. What was the amount he originally had.

Rs 64 Rs 68 Rs 70 Rs 85
128. Complete the given series 16, 54, 128, 250, __________

432 256 625 450
129. Series 1, 4, 27, 256, ________

225 3125 625 400
130. 0 , 4 , 48 , 180, _________

448 658 450 498
131. The length and breadth of a rectangle are increased in the ratio of 5 : 6 and 2 : 3 . What is the Ratio of the old area to the new one

5 : 9 2 : 3 4 : 7 7 : 4
132. Three containers have same volume . The ratios of milk & water in the 3 containers is 2 : 3. 5 : 6, & 7 : 4 respectively. If the milk of all the three jars is mixed , the find the ratio of milk and water in the mixture

81 : 82 7 : 11 82 : 83 4: 7
133. A person can save only 8% of his income . Five years hence his income is increased by 20% and he still saves the same amount find the increase % in his expenditure.

18.62 20.66% 22% 21.74
134. The population of a town increased by 4% but it would have been 3600 more if there had been a increase of 2%. Find the original population.

60, 000 45, 000 54,000 55, 000
135.The tax on a commodity is diminished by 5% and its consumption increased by 15% . Find the Increase percent in the revenue derive from it.

8.75% 10% 9.25% 8%
136.The average weight of 5 people in a ship is increased by 1 kg , when one of the crew, who weight 50 kg is replaced by a new man. What is the weight of the new man?

55 kg 60 kg 75 kg 50 kg
137. In a race, x beats y by 40 meters, or 14 seconds. Find X’s time over the course.

336 sec 350 sec 300 sec 420 sec.
138. X sells 6 horses and buys 9 Cows, thus in creasing his cash by Rs 90. He then at the same prices buys 9 horses and sells 15 Cows, thus decreasing his cash by Rs 91. Find the price of each Cow.Assume he had nil balance at the start.

Rs 123 Rs 150 Rs 175 Rs 200
139. If X gives Y Rs 8 , Y will have twice as much as, X, if Y gives X Rs 30, X will have 10
times as much as y. How much does each have?

RS 30 & RS 36 Rs 40 & 45 RS 35 & RS 50 None of these
140. A gardener planted 104329 trees in a square. Find the number of rows

321 323 327 233
Directions for questions 141 to 144
Refer to the data given below and answer the questions

% Increase in share prices( Aug 16-Sept 6 1990)

141.What was L&T’s share price on Aug 16, if its share price on Sept 6 was Rs 150?

Rs105.6 Rs108.5 Rs110 Rs125
142. If I had bought Bombay Dyeing at Rs 400 on Aug 16th, what is its price on Sept 6?

Rs688 Rs725 Rs250 None of these
143. What will be the share price of Godrej on Oct 6th be, if it falls by 15% from Sept 6 till Oct 6?

Rs 250 Rs 263 Rs725 Cannot be determined
144. Which company shows the maximum rise?

Godrej L & T Orient Cement Bombay Dyeing
Directions: For questions 145 to 150 refer to the data given below
Number of license holders in the different sectors

145. What is the difference in the total number of licenses issued to all the mentioned industries between 1983-1984

25 50 75 None of these
146.Which of the industries has the lowest increase in the number of licenses issued

Power Pharma Oil & gas FMCG
147. In which year did the Power sector record the highest growth in license holders

1982 1983 1984 1985
148. The year in which the FMCG industry recorded no growth was

1982 1983 1984 1985
149. The average cost of setting up a new power unit is Rs.10lacs while maintaing an existing one cost Rs1 lac, what was the average expenditure of a power unit in in the year 1983

350 lacs 2.8 lacs 225 lacs 65 lacs
150. In 1985, the government came up with a scheme in the Pharma sector, to apply for a license, which would be issued only after a year, the stamp duty would amount to Rs2000 and the NOC cost was Rs1000. How much did the government earn on account of this in 1985?

1 lac 3 lacs 4 lacs cannot be determined
Passage –1

Ian Fleming’s evil globe-fish – also known as puffer, blowfish, swellfish, or in Japanese, fugu – is one of the most mysterious creatures of the sea. It is perhaps the world’s most deadly fish, yet in Japan the honorable fugu is the epitome of gourmet dining.
About 100 species of puffers in several closely related families can be found throughout the world. Their most obvious characteristic is their ability to balloon out from a reasonable fish shape into a sphere two or three times large. When frightened, excited, or annoyed, they gulp water, or even air, into a sac on the belly. It swells inside their tough, elastic skin, like an inner tube inside a tire, so as to discourage predators or intimidate rivals. When the fish feels safe, it squirts out the water or releases the air, deflating to its normal shape.
In Japan, eating fugu has been the gastronomic version of Russian roulette for centuries. Sometimes a diner stills losses the gamble. His chopsticks clatter to the table from nerveless fingers; he pales; his breathing labours. It is often the subject of traditional senryu verse. Last night he and I ate fugu;
Today, I help carry his coffin
“It’s a terrible death,” a Japanese restaurant owner told me. “Even though you can think very clearly, your arms and legs become numb. It becomes impossible to sit up. You can think but cannot speak, cannot move, and soon cannot breathe.”
Why the Japanese, who venerate hygiene, should make a ritual of eating deadly poisonous fish, is difficult for foreigners to comprehend. fugu ovaries, intestine, and liver can be so deadly that if even a tiny touch of them is left in the flesh, the gourmet dies, often within minutes. About 60 percent of puffer poisonings prove fatal.
When eating fugu, the diner puts his life in the hands of the chef. Before practicing their risky art, all fugu cooks must be licensed and must take intensive courses, extensive apprenticeship, and written exams.
To eat fugu liver is the height of exotica. It is one of the most poisonous parts of the fish, and techniques for detoxifying it are not dependable. Chefs are prohibited from serving fugu liver, but they sometimes relent under the impassioned pleas of gourmets. Mitsugoro Bando had four servings and paid the ultimate price.
Despite the danger, demand for puffers is increasing so fast that the Japanese fishing grounds are being depleted. Today the Japanese are successfully culturing the fish.
Every year from October through March, millions of diners bet their lives on not getting fatally poisoned. Thanks to strict regulation of restaurants and wholesalers, the number that loses decreases each year. But this droll and perposterous fish with the goggling eyes, swollen belly, and floppy fins remains the world’s most deadly feast. The enigma of the fugu is summed up in the traditional verse:
Those who eat fugu soap are stupid
But whose who don’t eat fugu soup are also stupid.
151. A fugu eater is likely to lose his life

Almost always sometimes often rarely.
152. All the following are the symptoms of fugu poisoning except, not being able to

speak think move breathe.
153. Of the least poisonous parts of fugu is/are its

ovaries intestines heart liver.
154. Of those affected by fugu poisoning, the survival rate is about.

50% 60% 30% 40%
155. The height of fugu season is during the

summer rainy season spring winter
156. What the traditional verse really implies is

wise people eat fugu soup wise people don’t eat fugu soup.
[1] and [2] none of the above.
Passage – 2

A majority of scientists now agree that the “ozone hole” developed over the Antarctica due to the greatly increased use of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Though they were regarded as chemically inert materials, under conditions in the atmosphere with intense solar radiation CFCs have reacted with ozone. As the chlorine oxide amounts increased,, the ozone amount in the stratosphere (which protect the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation) fell. A wide range of effects through “ozone hole” was expected: skin cancers, damage to crops and animals and changes in the worlds weather patterns. Some international agreements including the Earth Summit (1992) contain provisions to reduce the release of CFSs and other harmful chemicals drastically by 2000 AD. The limit set by the European Union include complete phasing out by 1994 of Halons, the range of compounds containing Bromine used in fire extinguishers, as these are considered very harmful to atmospheric ozone. The heightened awareness in recent years keep earth’s environment free of pollutants has produced one salutary effect in the form of two innovations: (1) the first CFC-free refrigerator made by a German firm DKK in 1992, using propane and butane as the coolant and pentane for the insulating foam (2)New engine fitted to jet aircraft to generate less oxides of nitrogen (NOX) which are damaging to ozone.
157. the European Union envisaged

the total ban on CFC’s by 2000 AD.
The complete phasing out of Halons.
Increasing “Eco-system” awareness among the peoples in the European Union
all of the above.

158. All the following are damaging to Ozone except

Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX)
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
Citric acid.
159. The development of the “ozone hole’ over Antarctica was mainly due to

increase in the level of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the atmosphere.
Increase in the use of Oxides of Nitrogen.
Damage caused by humans (viz) construction, waste and fuel spillage.
Indiscriminate felling of trees
160. The harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation through the “ozone hole” are

storms and cyclones on the earth
skin cancers.
damage to crops and animals
[2] and [3] only.
Directions 161 to 164:
In each of the following questions two or more statements are given under X and Y respectively. These statements are followed by one inference each. Find out, on the basis of the statements,
(1), if the conclusion in respect of ‘X’ only is correct.
(2) if the conclusion in respect of ‘Y’ only is correct.
(3) If the conclusions in respect of ‘X’ as well as ‘Y’ are correct.
(4) if both conclusions in respect of ‘X’ and ‘Y’ are incorrect.
161. X. All pilots are men. No woman is pilot. Therefore no woman is pilot.
Y. Some pilots are men. Some women are pilots. Therefore some women are men.

1 2 3 4
162. X. No morning is night. No morning is noon. Therefore no noon is night.
Y. No night is morning. No noon is morning. Therefore no noon is night.

1 2 3 4
163. X. Some novels are friends. All novels are pens.Therefore some pens are friends.
Y. All pens are novels. Some friends are novels. Therefore some friends are pens.

1 2 3 4
164. X. All gold glitters. All diamonds glitter. Therefore all gold is diamond.
Y. All gold glitters. All diamonds glitter. Therefore all that glitters is gold or diamond.

1 2 3 4
Directions165 to 169: Pick out from the answer-choices the premiss which will complete the argument.
165. Friendship is beneficial because friends share sorrows.

Only those who share sorrows are beneficial.
All who share sorrows are beneficial.
Some who share sorrows are beneficial.
Some who do not share sorrows are beneficial.
166. People laugh because they are happy.

All who laugh are happy.
All the happy laugh.
Only the happy laugh.
None of these.
167.Tea is harmful because all stimulants are harmful.

Tea is a stimulant.
Only Tea is a stimulant.
Some stimulants are harmful.
Some harmful drinks are stimulants.
168.Politicians are corrupt because they are selfish.

Only selfish are corrupt.
All selfish are corrupt.
Some selfish are corrupt.
Some corrupt are selfish.
169. China is manufacturing a nuclear bomb, so China is not peace loving

All countries which manufacture nuclear weapons are not peace loving.
No peace loving country manufactures nuclear weapons.
Some peace loving countries do not manufacture nuclear weapons.
All peace loving countries manufacture nuclear weapons.
Directions for questions 170 to 176:
In the following questions one statement is followed by two possible implications. Study the and mark one of the following answer choices:
(a), Statement 1 is implied.
(b), Statement 2 is implied.
(c), Both the statements are implied.
(d), Both the statements are not implied.
170. The import bill is mounting day by day.
1. Goods are being imported.
2.Mounting bills are dangerous.

(a) (b) (c) (d)
171.Those who neglect tomorrow repeat the mistakes of yesterday.
1. By not thinking about future we forget the past.
2. Our past is replete with mistakes.

(a) (b) (c) (d)
172.He that runs fast will not run long.
1. Running exhausts a person.
2. Running fast is not good.

(a) (b) (c) (d)
173. It is never too late to mend.
1. Mending is necessary.
2. Man can mend himself at any time in life.

(a) (b) (c) (d)
174. Science has come to stay in this country.
1. In earlier years the position of science was quite shaky.
2. The country has adopted science.

(a) (b) (c) (d)
175.Wood is the most valuable building material because it is durable and strong.
1. In addition to wood there are other building materials.
2. Wood is durable.

(a) (b) (c) (d)
176. Dental infection is still the most common human disease.
1. Dental infection is a disease.
2. Dental infection is an old disease.

(a) (b) (c) (d)
Directions 177 to 185 :
Each question contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Choose the set in which the statements are logically related.
177.1. All M is P
2. No S is M
3. No S is P
4.Some S is not P
5.No P is M
6. Some M is S

564 123 231 254
178. 1. All writers are intelligent.
2. No intelligent people are publishers.
3. Some writers are publishers.
4. Some publishers are intelligent.
5. No writer is a publisher.
6. No publisher is a writer.

123 126 256 341
179.1.Some college students are artists.
2. Some artists are singers.
3. All singers are artists.
4. Some singers are college students.
5. All college students are singers.
6. Some artists are not singers.

143 351 341 461
180 1. Some MBAs are managers.
2. Some managers are singers.
3. All managers are MBAs
4. Some singers are not MBAs.
5. No MBA is a singer.
6. Some managers are not singers.

124 356 325 516
181. 1. Some judges are lawyers.
2. All judges are liars.
3. Some lawyers are liars.
4. All judges are lawyers.
5. Some liars are lawyers.
6. All lawyers are liars.

132 642 234 452
182. 1. All fair persons are kind.
2. Some tall persons are not kind.
3. All tall persons are kind.
4. Some kind persons are not fair.
5. No tall persons is fair.
6. Some tall persons are not fair.

126 234 243 456
183.1.All Maharashtrians are Vegetarians.
2. Some Vegetarians are Maharashtrians.
3. All Vegetarians have long life.
4. No Maharashtrian has long life.
5. All Maharashtrian have long life.
6. Some people who have long life are not Vegetarian.

235 315 351 264
184.1.Some great thinkers think logically.
2. All great thinkers are intelligent.
3. Some people who think logically are not great thinkers.
4. Some intelligent people think logically.
5. All intelligent people are great thinkers .
6. Some intelligent people are great thinkers.

461 124 346 543
185.1. No plant found in the Garden is useless.
2. Rose is a useful plant.
3. All rose plants are found in the Garden.
4. No useless plants are rose plants
5. All useful plants are found in the Garden..
6. Some rose plants are found in the Garden.

352 314 142 154.


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