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pi questions


1. Why commerce
2. Describe yourself in 1 word, 1 sentence
3. If you could have your choice of any job, what would it be and why?
4. Why do you want to go into this field?
5. What are your short and long range goals and how do you expect to achieve them?
6. What does success means to you? How do you measure it?
7. What motivates you?
8. Do you plan to further your education? Yes, to what extent?
9. Who is your idol?
10. What have you done to improve yourself during the past year?
11. If you could relive the last 16 years, what changes would you make?
12. Tell me about your greatest achievement and greatest disappointment?
13. What are some of your weaknesses?
14. Tell me about the best and worst bosses you have ever had why do you say so?
15. What constructive criticism have to received from employees?
16. What else do you think i should know about you?
17. Tell me about yourself.
18. Why do you want to join here? Or what about our college interests you?
19. Do you prefer to work by yourself or with others?
20. What are your career goals? Or what are your future plans?
21. What are your hobbies? And do you play any sports?
22. What have i forgotten to ask?
23. What qualities do you think will be required for this course?
24. What can you contribute to the college?
25. What do you know about this college?
26. What interests you about our course?
27. What can we (the college) offer that your some other college cannot offer?
28. You have not done this sort course before. How will you cope/succeed?
29. Why should we select you?
30. What do you like and dislike about the course/college?
31. Why did you choose a career in …?
32. Why are you changing careers?
33. What do you think of the last college you were in?
34. Explain the organization structure in the company you worked in and your job profile?
35. What would your ideal college be?
36. Are you considering any other colleges at the moment?
37. How would you describe yourself? / how would others describe you?
38. Do you consider yourself successful?
39. What was your greatest success? How did you achieve it?
40. What has been your biggest failure?
41. Are you a leader?
42. How do you handle criticism?
43. How could you improve yourself?
44. What sort of manager are you? / what makes a good manager?
45. Do you work well with others? Or are you a loner?
46. Do you need other people around to stimulate you or are you self-motivated?
47. Are you accepted into a team quickly?
48. Can you act on your own initiative?
49. How do you run a meeting?
50. Do you know how to motivate other people?
51. Are you competitive?
52. Are you aggressive?
53. What do you dislike doing certain jobs?
54. Can you work under pressure?
55. What are your career goals?
56. What interests do you have outside academics/work?
57. Are you too young for this course?
58. What will your referees say about you?
59. Why do you want to do an MBA?
60. What do you think you will need to get through these two years?

Your qualifications
61. What can you do for us that someone else can’t do?
62. What qualifications do you have that relate to the course?
63. What new skills or capabilities have you developed recently?
64. Give me an example from the past where you’ve shown initiative.
65. What have been your greatest accomplishments recently?
66. What motivates you?
67. What have you been doing since graduation?
68. What qualities do you find important in a coworker?

Your career goals
69. What would you like to being doing five years from now?
70. How will you judge yourself successful? How will you achieve success?
71. What type of position are you interested in?
72. How will this course fit in your career plans?
73. What do you expect from this job?

Your work experience
74. What have you learned from your past jobs?
75. What were your biggest responsibilities?
76. What specific skills acquired or used in previous jobs relate to this position?
77. How does your previous experience relate to this position?
78. What did you like most/least about your last job?
79. Whom may we contact for references?

Your education
80. How do you think your education has prepared you for this course?
81. What were your favorite classes/activities at school?
82. Why did you choose your major?
83. Do you plan to continue your education

A lil bit more :

I am interested in an MBA because:

My strengths (academic, personal, professional), which have helped me be successful and/or which my colleagues have praised, include:

My weaknesses, which have hindered my performance or created obstacles, include:

With an MBA, I plan to pursue these interests:

Management Field/Job Function:

following are reasons/evidence that an MBA will help me achieve my goals (relate research to targeted industry or job requirements, natural strengths and weaknesses, and timing):

Personal factors I must consider (family, lifestyle, financial, etc.):

Without an MBA, I will have to modify my goals as follows:

Allows me to declare a concentration of electives in my field.

Can you define who you are in terms of what is important to you? Is it lifestyle (what kind), job satisfaction (define), security/income, or something else? How do your priorities affect one another?

Do you feel strongly about some function and/or industry within business? Why? Which MBA fields, or at least functional areas, are most appealing to you? You do not need to know with 100 percent conviction which job you want, but you must have a direction. (If you do not know enough about the business functions to feel strongly about an area, you are not ready for business school.)

Do you have natural aptitudes that others notice? Do those skills lend themselves to any particular MBA vocations?

What initiated your interest in an MBA?

If you do not pursue an MBA, how are your options different than with the degree? Can you still get into your chosen field without an MBA, through other training or experience?

Beyond the MBA, do you need any additional resources (training, experience, financial, etc.) to achieve your long-term plans? What gaps exist in your background, experience, or training (beyond an MBA) that could stop you from achieving your goals?

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now ?

If not admitted to any MBA course, what would you do ?

How would your friends and professors rate you ?

Why have you chosen this institute ?

Why should we take you ?

Describe how you have coped with a failure in my life ?

What has been your greatest accomplishment ?

What motivates you ?

How do you evaluate success ?

What qualities should a successful manager have ?

What college subject did you like best ? Why ?

How do you cope under pressure ?

Last book ? Last Movie ?


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