Posted by: SATYASRINIVAS | March 23, 2007


corruption is like a termite which is eating away and is having it roots deep into the Indian society.Every field like, investigating agency,political corruption,judiciary which was till now clean is also having to black clots of corruption on it.
Every Goverment servant from the top level officer till the lower grade of peon is corrupt. And untill you dont pay some amount of money as bribe to get the work done your file will not be processed further or any work will not proceed further. The suggestion which i would like to mention in order to stop corruption are as follows.

1, Separate courts to deal with the matter of corruption and expediately give the judgement of the same and that should be time bound.
2, Removing the tecknicalities of the procedural laws while laying a trap which the corrupt official often get out from the charge of the corruption using the tecknicalities . So tecknicalities should be removed.
3, Statement made before the police officer by the complianant should be irreversable and it should be seen that complainant is not making a frivlous complaint in the A.C.B office and he should be also punished if he turns hostile.
4,The vigilence department should use new tecknological devices for the trap such as spy camera,ultrasonic recorders and other tecknology.
5, The procedure of sanctions as prescribed by the prevention of corruption laws should be removed. No previous sanction to be neccesary will laying trap for the judicial person,or I.A.S personnel and any goverment officer bearing high post.
6, The punishment given should be stringent like cancelling all kind perks and and while the officer is suspended his montly income should be cancelled till he is proved not guilty by the Honourable court .
7, International accounts of the corrupt leaders,and their property should be confiscated by the goverment if they are found guilty after giving fair chance to the accused to present his case.and money laundering acts should provide strict punishment and income tax to maintain strict vigil on the corrupt goverment officer.
8,Majority of the corrupt leader and goverment officer have their accounts in the international banks and goverment should tie up and negotiate with these banks to provide details of such corrupt official and freeze their account and return such money to goverment of India


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